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It's easy to spend quality family time in Anchorage, Alaska, where bears, bison and beaches mix with salmon, science and scenery for an unforgettable family vacation experience. Alaska has a unique culture and environment that can be quite fascinating for kids of all ages. Make a play date with nature through special programs for tots offered all around town. Experience life in the Last Frontier through interactive and exploratory exhibits geared for young and old.

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Long daylight hours in the summertime make golf an all-day adventure with tee times into the late evening.
Long daylight hours in the summertime make golf an all-day adventure with tee times into the late evening. ©Visit Anchorage/Jody Overstreet

Family Articles

Anchorage does Thanksgiving a little different.  While there is plenty of turkey with all the trimmings, it is also the right place for top-flight college hoops and holiday events that sparkle.
Alaska can be the perfect multigenerational vacation destination. With a wide variety of fully accessible activities suitable for every age and stage, Anchorage in particular provides the luxury of...
While nearly 300,000 people reside in Anchorage, the wild critter count is much higher, boasting thriving numbers of animals like fox, moose, bear, beaver, Dall sheep, eagle, a variety of salmon and...
Wild animals are everywhere in Anchorage. You never know what you might encounter during a hike in the mountains or a walk on paved trails.
Anchorage has dozens of activities for families. Narrowing the list to a few favorites will be hard. Climb a mountain. Check. Fish for salmon. Check. See a whale. Check.
Hiking, boating, biking and shopping will keep teens and 'tweens occupied for hours in Anchorage. They won’t have time to say they’re bored.
Only with the aid of Alaska’s sparkling winter lights and long summer days can Anchorage host so many great festivals and events in just 365 days.
Ring in the New Year in Anchorage; sing “Auld Lang Syne” in Alaska! From fireworks extravaganzas to intimate dinners, Anchorage, Alaska, is the place to be to welcome 2016!
From sentimental favorites to smash Broadway sensations, the Anchorage arts scene presents a wide range of performances for the 2013-2014 season. 
On the longest day of the year – summer solstice – Anchorage, Alaska, gets 22 hours of functional daylight, and the city makes the most of all that sun. Alaskans gather for big celebrations, classic...