Travel Trade FAM Tours

Thank you for your interest in Anchorage, Alaska! Visit Anchorage’s Tourism Development Team provides FAM assistance to tour operators and travel agents as well as three hosted travel agent FAMs per calendar year for those travel agents who have completed our Anchorage Wild Expert (AWE) training, either online or in person.

Hosted FAMs

Each year, Visit Anchorage invites select travel trade professionals to participate in one of three exclusive and fully-hosted familiarization tours of Anchorage. Hosted tours occur three times annually:

  • Spring (May/June) FAM participants are chosen from applications received November – March prior.
  • Fall (early September) FAM participants are chosen from applications received April – July prior.
  • Winter Iditarod (Feb/March) FAM participants are chosen from applications received August – October prior.

Qualify for an Anchorage FAM Tour

To qualify for an AWE hosted FAM, the following criteria must be met:

Travel agents may apply for one FAM per calendar year. If you are selected for your FAM choice and aren’t able to make the selected dates, Visit Anchorage will make every effort to accommodate you on a future FAM.

Please Note: If you are not selected for your FAM choice, you must reapply for future FAM opportunities and the above criteria must be fulfilled.

FAM Assistance

If you are interested in a targeted FAM tour for you or your company, our tourism team can work with you to create an itinerary catered to your needs. This may include site visits to the area’s top activities, attractions, accommodations and points of interest. Our team will work with our partners to provide complimentary or reduced rates as available. Request FAM assistance.

Please Note: You will be responsible for all costs beyond the complimentary services, possibly including airfare, transportation, meals, etc.