Healthy Anchorage Pledge Toolkit

Thank you for taking the Healthy Anchorage Pledge!

Now's the time to let your staff, the community, and travelers know your business has taken the pledge. This toolkit contains tools to help you follow through on the pledge and let everyone know you are ready to welcome them. We’ve also organized cleaning best practices from official sources and leading national industry trade groups for businesses in each category of travel and hospitality.

Printable Signs

Web/Email Graphics

Social Posts

Share your pledge with travelers on social media as they seek inspiration. Create your own posts using the image below, or adapt one of these copy suggestions and show your businesses practices and protocols:

We’ve taken steps to ensure your visit is safe.

Learn more at We took the Healthy Anchorage Pledge.

We can’t wait for your visit. We’re committed to your safety. That’s why we’ve taken the Healthy Anchorage Pledge.

We want you to have the best experience, so we’ve taken the Healthy Anchorage Pledge. Learn more at

When you’re ready, we will be ready. Learn what we’re doing to ensure your health and safety at

This program is supported by a grant from the Municipality of Anchorage.