Experience Passes

Experience Anchorage, Alaska your way! Our curated experience passes offer curated adventures based on what you like. Each pass is free, easily accessible on your smartphone, and FUN to complete! Did we mention that you earn free prizes within each pass too? Choose the pass (or passes) that spark your interest and set out to discover the best parts of Anchorage.


Neighborhood Challenge
How much fun can you fit into Alaska’s largest city? Find more opportunities for adventure with the Anchorage Neighborhood Challenge. Check in at listed parks, trails, and other locations, check out surrounding restaurants and local businesses along the way, then win cool prizes to commemorate the journey. See more of the city and experience neighborhoods all over town

Local Flavor
Experience Anchorage’s best dining and entertainment with the Local Flavor pass. Sip on a hand-crafted cocktail, test your luck in an escape room, or try a new restaurant. These are just a few of the opportunities you can enjoy on the Local Flavor pass.

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Local Flavor Pass  Neighborhood Challenge Pass

Every Check-In Earns Participants 100 Points


Experience Passes_Prize_Level 1 Visit Anchorage_Prize_Level 2 Visit Anchorage_Prize_Level 3 Visit Anchorage_Experience Passes_Level 3_Local Flavor

100 points

300 points

500 points

500 points

Visit Anchorage sticker. Anchorage notebook with
artwork by 
local artists. 
Neighborhood Challenge
logo water bottle.
Visit Anchorage
logo beverage tumbler.

Participants who earn 300 points are automatically entered into a grand prize drawing to win:

Prizes available while supplies last. Prizes may vary based on availability. With the exception of the grand prize, prizes must be redeemed in person. Prizes must be redeemed by the pass expiration date: March 10, 2024 


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