Earthquake Park

Earthquake Park gives visitors insight into one of the pivotal moments in Alaska history: the 1964 Earthquake. The quake on March 27 – Good Friday – measured 9.2 in magnitude and was the largest quake ever recorded in North America.

A sharp drop-off north of the park and the peculiar rippling hills in the forest below are evidence of the massive earthquake that forever altered Anchorage’s landscape. Informative displays tell the story of the geological forces at play that day, and Anchorage history before and since the quake.

A nearby interpretive walking trail gives pedestrians a close look a telltale signs of the shifted landscape that might otherwise be overlooked. Accessible from the parking lot, the loop is also along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.

Earthquake Park is also a highlight of the Anchorage City Trolley Tour. The one-hour guided drive begins downtown and highlights notable locations inside the city, including the park.

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