Carl Johnson

Anchorage Welcomes National Veterans Golden Age Games

Anchorage welcomes the 2019 National Veterans Golden Age Games. Discover what Anchorage has in store before, during and after the games. Join us in Anchorage June 5-10, 2019.

Find a place to eat during the meeting, explore activities and attractions before and after, or join local events and unwind.

Anchorage Airport

Serving two dozen national and international cities, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport connects Alaska with the world. Flights from Seattle and Salt Lake, Portland and Phoenix, Chicago and Minneapolis, make up some of the more than 240 daily flights arriving and...


From first savory bite to final sweet sensation, Anchorage's dining puts the best of Alaska on the menu. Local chefs offer up mouth-watering creations, and cuisine reflects the city's global draw and diverse community.


When you are exploring the great outdoors, don’t forget to spend time exploring the great indoors. The wide variety of products available in Anchorage means your suitcase should go home just a little, or a lot, heavier than when you arrive. 

Walkable Anchorage

Ideas for National Veterans Golden Age Games participants in walking distance of the venues and hotels in downtown Anchorage.