Wildlife sighting of a Moose near Anchorage

Meeting Professionals FAM Tours

You’ve read up on the city’s facilities, amenities and adventures. You’ve heard about all the fun we have in Alaska. Now you’re considering planning a meeting in Anchorage. If you’re interested in learning more about Visit Anchorage’s FAM programs contact us today.

2017-2018 Familiarization Tour Dates

  • Fall FAM, Sept. 13-16, 2017
  • Iditarod FAM, Feb. 28 - March 3, 2018
  • Spring FAM, May 16-19, 2018
  • Fall FAM, Sept. 19-22, 2018

To see if your meeting would be a good fit in Anchorage and to learn more about visiting, contact our sales team at meet@anchorage.net or call (907) 257-2349.