Brian Battaile

FrontierScientists.com has videos of the Far North. This is field science in one of the last great frontiers. A front row seat to observe breaking scientific news from leading Arctic scientists. FrontierScientists.com is where new discoveries unfold before your eyes. Learn how ancient humans hunted whales with poison spears. Watch wildlife encounters in places where bears outnumber people. See how birds benefit from abundant bug life to feed their babies in one of the world’s great wildlife nurseries. You’ll be along when the scientists themselves are startled by the unexpected. Their Living Research Laboratories are so remote researchers are often the first modern visitors to set foot in these pristine locations. You’ll see reports on amazing natural phenomena, buried artifacts, active volcanoes. Frontier Scientists is for travelers, teachers, students, aspiring scientists, and anyone interested in one of the last great unexplored regions of the Alaskan Arctic. Check out the FREE Game App titled "Arctic UAV" at itunes and Google play stores. The App takes the player on 3 adventures using an unmanned aerial vehicle similar to how scientists fly them in their research.

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