Two Seasons Meadery

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Mead, or "honey wine," is a fermented beverage where the alcohol is derived primarily from honey. Beer gets its ferment-able sugars from grain, wine from grapes, and mead from honey. Mead has been around for thousands of years and is arguably the world's oldest ferment-able beverage. Just add water and the wild yeast present in the honey itself will start spontaneously fermenting. At Two Seasons Meadery we've added some brewing science to this ancient beverage. With modern brewing techniques we're able to produce radically different flavors from the same base ingredients. This is how we're able to have our “Meadarita,” a sessionable mead that tastes like a margarita on the same menu as our "Kazimera" which is high in alcohol, spiced, and sweet. Two Seasons Meadery is an Alaskan original and is producing unique craft beverages you won't find anywhere else. Tastings are available at the Meadery taproom, along with growlers to go, and bottles for sale.

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Address 801 E 82nd Ave Ste D3
Anchorage, AK 99518-3157 Local
(907) 522-6323