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We at Segway Tours of Anchorage are pleased to welcome you to both Alaska and the city of Anchorage! We offer guided tours that are fun, easy, and informative. We currently have two 90 minute tours to choose from: a tour of Downtown Anchorage and a tour of Lake Hood. On our downtown tour you will witness the running of salmon, learn about the rich history of Anchorage, from the Gold Rush to the railroad, take in the breathtaking Cook Inlet and Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, see six different mountain ranges, and see popular downtown destinations like Star the Reindeer and the Park Strip. At Lake Hood you will watch as float planes take off and land, learn about aviation and how it shaped the Last Frontier, see unique aircraft and the unique people who pilot them, and explore the Alaska Aviation Museum with your included tickets. For those uncomfortable or who don’t meet the Segway requirements (ages 12+ & 100lbs+) we also offer GoPets (three-wheeled electric scooters) so you don’t miss out on the fun! Call us or book online and help support our local business and local tour guides!

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