L Cheapo Card Company

Unique handcrafted Alaska themed greeting cards, t-shirts and metal art all Certified Made in Alaska. You can find us a local markets around Anchorage this summer. The L Cheapo logo has been in my family for many years. Growing up, my dad would fold a sheet of paper, draw a design, add his own words then trace a quarter on the back of the homemade card and write "L Cheapo Card" in the middle of then give the heartfelt card to my mom. He always told us he was a "cheap guy". Maybe so, but his simple sentiments were priceless! As a 2nd generation L Cheapo Card designer, my cards start as sketches on cardstock. They're then carved out with an X-acto knife, glued together, professionally photographed and printed into cards. All this is done in Anchorage. Thank you for bringing L Cheapo Cards into your life. I hope that you enjoy giving them as much as I enjoy designing them. They're truly " feel good" cards. - Laura

Website lcheapocards.com
Address PO Box 191024
Anchorage, AK 99519-1024 Local
(907) 280-8519
Email lcheapocards@outlook.com