Kodiak Brown Bear Center

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Exclusive access to Kodiak bears. Luxury accommodations and exclusive access to Kodiak brown bear viewing at Karluk Lake. Alaska’s premier bear viewing destination, the Kodiak Brown Bear Center offers four luxury guest cabins and a true Alaskan adventure; world class bear-viewing, without boardwalks or large groups of tourists. The Kodiak Brown Bear Center is on Camp Island in the middle of Karluk Lake which is located on the southwest side of Kodiak Island in the heart of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. Daily guided bear viewing tours visit the famous Thumb and O’Malley Rivers on Karluk Lake.

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Website kodiakbearcenter.com
Address Remote location on Camp Island in Karluk Lake
Kodiak Island, AK 99504 Local
(877) 335-2327
Email info@kodiakbearcenter.com