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Whether you’re an Alaskan resident or a visitor to our great state, we have a hike that is perfect for you. We provide all the gear, food, and water for your adventure. Get a glimpse at what lies beyond the city and roadways! We offer a variety of hikes to suit different needs and skill levels. From short, three or four hour hikes, perfect for families and those wanting a less challenging stroll, to half-day and full-day experiences for the adventurers looking to conquer some peaks, find a mountain lake, or explore Alaska’s stunning back-country and ridge-lines. Looking for even more? We also offer overnight excursions for those seeking a truly wild experience, even if you’ve never done it before! Beyond showing you where to go and answering all your Alaskan flora and fauna questions, our knowledgeable and trained guides can teach you how to do it yourself so you can feel confident to get out and explore your own wild. You provide the boots, we provide the rest!

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