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The Aurora Borealis is one of the most amazing natural wonders on earth. Join us on a quest to view and photograph the Northern Lights in and around the greater Anchorage area. We use innovative technology to forecast Aurora viewing conditions. Each night’s tour location is chosen to maximize your chances to view the lights. Our tour locations are chosen based on the weather forecast, aurora strength, and driving distance from Anchorage. Our team of experts will get you to the most strategic location possible to see the Northern Lights. To ensure our guests go out on the best possible night(s) during their visit, we offer a valuable industry-exclusive forecasting/insurance service. This service includes a personalized Aurora forecast each night you are booked and provides you with the opportunity to either: join us on favorable nights, reschedule your tour to the next night you have available, or cancel your tour on unfavorable nights. This forecasting service is unprecedented in the industry and only available through Greatland Adventures. This tour is designed for anyone visiting the Anchorage area that has an interest in viewing the Northern Lights. Our tours include web quality Aurora portraits and basic photography instruction. We use our fleet of comfortable tour vehicles as traveling base camps, in addition to heated portable winter shelters when possible. Tours generally depart between 9-11 pm and return between 3-5 am, depending on the season and forecasted conditions. The Anchorage Northern Lights tour departs from our downtown office location in Anchorage and hotel drop off is included at the end of the tour.

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