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Flight tours and glacier landings on Denali. A world class tour: fly over the taiga, tundra, glaciers and spires of Mt McKinley. Denali National Park's #1 TripAdvisor activity! A bucket list experience! Depart Healy River Airport and fly southwest over Denali National Park to "The High One" - Denali. Below, trees of the taiga are replaced by the smaller flowers and shrubs of alpine meadows. Interact with the pilot while traversing towering mountain peaks with glacial features such as lateral and medial moraines. After circling the Great Gorge of the Ruth and Sheldon Amphitheater, the plane sets down on glacial snow. Deboard and take-in the indescribable splendor of standing in "the Ice Age," throw snowballs, take pictures or just be in awe. Reboard the plane for more inspiring views and photo opportunities. Features: turbine powered Beaver airplanes, complimentary van service in the local Denali/Healy area, interactive headsets and glacier boots.

Address Healy Airport
Denali National Park, AK 99755 Toll Free
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