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At Chugach Powder Guides, Skiing is our passion and Alaska is our home -- and we take pride in sharing both. Each day, we create a custom experience catered to your level, while adhering to the highest safety standards. Our hometown of Girdwood is a quick one-hour drive from the Anchorage airport, meaning more skiing and less travel. Plus, our partnership with Alyeska Ski Resort ensures you'll ski everyday, even when the weather keeps us from flying. Come visit the CPG family and see how we've been setting the standard for the heli-skiing industry for over 20 years. Once you've stepped out of a heli, you're never the same person again. You will experience the best skiing of your life, but also the freedom and expansiveness of Alaska -- and the possibilities that come with it.

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    • Distance to Downtown Convention Centers (miles): 40.7
Address PO Box 641
Girdwood, AK 99587-0641 Local
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