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Mission Statement - To present living science education that instills understanding and appreciation for wild birds and their habitats. To provide primary medical treatment, rehabilitative care, and potential release for sick and injured wild birds. Bird Treatment and Learning Center (Bird TLC) began as a handful of dedicated volunteers operating under the guidance of James R. Scott, DVM, working out of Arctic Animal Hospital. Dr. Scott’s goal was to provide quality medical care for sick & injured wild birds. We became an independent 501(c)3 organization in 1988, with operations that included not only avian rehabilitation, but also science curriculum based, interactive education programs, as well as a non-releasable bird placement program and a flight center on a local Army base. Since it's inception, our education program has grown to serve over 40,000 people annually including Alaskans, Alaska native villages and tourists. We take in about 1000 injured birds annually from every part of our state including the remote Arctic regions, and our bird placement program serves wildlife education facilities throughout North America. Bird TLC presents over 800 science-based education programs for schools and other organizations each year. These interactive programs provide a unique opportunity to see wild birds up close, drawing participants in for a chance to experience a live wild bird in person, and giving us an opportunity to teach a new audience about ecology, behavior, and the importance of birds in the environment.

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