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Iceberg Kayak with Ascending Path on the calm waters of a glacial lake, touching icebergs within minutes of launch, then approach the massive Spencer Glacier from the unique perspective of kayaking far below it. Your kayaking journey begins with a train ride from Anchorage or Girdwood, where you’ll pass through areas that are not accessible by the road system. You’ll have incredible views out every window. Your small group (7 or fewer per guide) will disembark at the Spencer Whistle Stop. Glacial melt fills the lake along with larger icebergs and smaller “bergy bits”. You will spend the morning paddling in a tandem kayak as you explore the face of the glacier and begin to understand its immense size. During your kayaking trip you will learn about glaciology, the way the landscape was carved out by the glaciers, and how this glacier has receded over the years. You’ll end your time at Spencer with a trail hike to get to know more about the flora and fauna found near the glacier. You will hop on the train to head back to Anchorage or Girdwood. Ascending Path’s Iceberg Kayaking is the closest to Anchorage.

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