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Since 1995, Ascending Path has been guiding people in the wilderness to see the ever changing glaciers of Alaska. Starting in Girdwood or Anchorage Ascending Path operates guided glacier hikes and ice climbing at the Spencer Glacier, which is a remote train ride or helicopter ride though the pristine backcountry. Kayak past icebergs on the secluded lake with your world-class guide. Nowhere else in the world can you ride a train, sea kayak and walk on a glacier all in one day! Ascending Path has low client to guide ratio so you can experience all that the area has to offer. As a boutique mom & pop, Alaskan owned and operated guide service, we strive for excellence and providing you a trip of a lifetime! Come out with Ascending Path guides to experience what Trip Advisor, the NY Times and Nat. Geo all have rated as one of the top guide services in Alaska. Book a trip today with Ascending Path to begin your true Alaskan Adventure!

Address 1000 Arlberg Rd
Girdwood, AK 99587 Local
(907) 783-0505
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