Alaskan Spirits Distillery

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Alaskan Spirits Distillery is a new micro distillery that opened at the end of 2018. We feature three potato vodkas; all gluten free and non-gmo. We have Alyeska Blueberry, Denali Fireweed, and our neutral Premium Potato Vodka. All vodkas can be bought in the tasting room. We feature nine craft cocktails; all of which are made from scratch. We juice our fruit, make bitters in-house, and infuse all our own simple syrups. The distillery features an original 49-star flag that was only in production for one year. The original newspaper article announcing Alaska becoming a state that was printed in 1958 is also framed under the flag. Local chalk artist Abbie Duboi displays five drawings. All tables are handcrafted by an Alaskan, using Alaska birch, and hang from the ceiling (yes, all tables are hung from the ceiling). Another handcrafted wood table hosts our water station, and includes Alaska caribou antlers. Our bathrooms are adorned with more art by local metal worker Arctic Plazma Works. Bathrooms also have doors you can see through (glass), with a magic privacy screen that appears at the flick of a switch. There was nothing spared in this small craft distillery - from the art, to wood work, to a prized sheep hanging in the distillery - you will feel the spirit of Alaska while we serve you the best spirits from Alaska. Come visit; try a craft cocktail that you can only expect in New York and be prepared to be amazed. The tour will consist of learning how booze is made, a bit of history on Alaska, as well as learning about our famous bootlegger; Russian Jack. We also try to educate the public on our tough liquor laws and how you can help make Alaska a place of free market and allow small businesses to prosper. Whether you are looking for your next local tour, craft cocktail, or new hang out - you are sure to enjoy the thought that went into this new vodka lounge.

Address 7605 King St
Anchorage, AK 99518-3053 Local
(907) 290-7177