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Come join us for a true epic Alaska adventure in the beautiful Prince William Sound, where you will have the opportunity to see wildlife galore and the most amazing scenery. Our unique Hobie-Cat kayaks are so easy to use they're like riding a bike. In fact, the unique pedal drives are comparable to a recumbent bike, very different from your typical restrictive kayaks that require paddling. These sit-upon boats have two pontoons that are so stable the passengers can stand up and move around without the fear of tipping over. Cushioned seats with adjustable settings provide a comfortable experience for travelers of all sizes, ages and athletic abilities. These 18-foot boats have ample room to carry all the luxuries including camp chairs, thick sleeping pads, full size coolers and dry firewood. On our trips you'll set the sail and really cover some ground while also being able to get up close and personal with the glaciers. Our philosophy is a comfortable, well fed, well rested client is a happy client. Join us and let’s set sail!

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