Alaska Museum of Science and Nature

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Dinosaurs, ice age, rocks, hands-on exhibits. Hands-On Science Museum features dinosaurs, rocks, whales, ice age and more. Activities for all ages including digging in the pit (must wear socks). The Alaska Museum of Science and Nature is the hidden gem in Anchorage. A blend of old and new the Museum features touchable as well as fragile specimens in cases. Get close to everything in the Museum! Exhibits include a full size pterosaur and other dinosaurs, the youngest mammoth remains in the world, the largest ice age bear in the world, touchable wolves and bears, whales and more. A toddler friendly Museum, there are activities for every age including teenagers. Featuring a dinosaur dig and saddled baby mammoth in the kid’s room, patrons must wear socks to go into the dig. For true Museum fans explore the largest Alaskan mineral collection in the world and learn about ice, Alaska’s Polar Dinosaurs, Qagnax Cave where the youngest mammoth remains in the world have been found, and more.

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    • Capacity (# of people): 115
    • Distance to Downtown Convention Centers (miles): 3.3
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Address 201 N Bragaw St
Anchorage, AK 99508-1311 Local
(907) 274-2400