Alaska Marine Highway

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The Alaska Marine Highway is a state-owned ferry system that operates a fleet of vessels along a scenic 3,500-mile route from Washington State to the Aleutian Islands. It provides economical, year-round transportation to 35 port communities and is a unique option for travelers. Originally designed to provide transportation to roadless areas of Alaska, the Marine Highway offers locals and visitors alike the ability to travel together through some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. In fact, the Marine Highway encompasses a route so spectacular it has been designated an All-American Road and one of America’s National Scenic Byways. The Alaska ferry is an ideal way to travel for those who want to create their own schedule, explore off-the-beaten path destinations and see Alaska in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. With the Alaska Marine Highway, you can visit dozens of unique communities and areas of Alaska not accessible via the road system. Riders can walk on board or bring a car, truck, motorcycle or other means of transport, such as kayaks and bicycles. Bringing a vehicle lets visitors combine a driving vacation with the ferry. Riders can drive on in our southern ports of Bellingham, Washington or in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Riding the ferry to or from an Alaska adventure means more time to view the scenery and relax with the family.

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