Alaska Art Alliance

Now under new ownership, Arctic Treasures Art Gallery has a unique selection of hand crafted native art created by master carvers from around the state that put Alaska's rich cultural history on display. Meet some of the artists as they demonstrate their craft daily. Find beautifully crafted baleen baskets, ivory carvings and jewelry, bear claw necklaces, soapstone carvings, whale bone masks and baleen scrimshaw. Arctic Treasures has a workshop where Alaska Native artists can work in a safe, sober environment to create art with an emphasis on culture and sobriety. This resource provides a way to nurture one's art skills while providing a way to economically support themselves. Access to local resources, clothing, meals and showers are also provided.

Address 328 W Fourth Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501-2321 Local
(907) 570-4148