We provide the gateway to Anchorage from Japan, Eastern Russia and other parts of Asia! 2017 marks our 6th year of air service on the Anchorage-Kamchatka-Yakutsk route, and our third year of service operating charters from Japan to Alaska. With Russian partner carrier Yakutia Airlines, we can get you to Kamchatka, Eurasia's Alaska, in just 4.5 hours from Anchorage. Check out our travel portal AirRussia.US for details. Our service unites two regions with strong cultural and historical ties. With partner Uzbekistan Airways we operate nonstop charter service from Japan, bringing tourists to experience the Northern Lights and other Alaskan wonders. We plan to expand the service in 2017. Email us at, visit our website, or call (206) 838-9788 for more information about regular service, charters and tours.

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