Rondy DASH

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Rondy DASH made its debut in 2015 and quickly became a Fur Rondy Favorite. Rondy DASH (Downtown Anchorage Scavenger Hunt) is a scavenger hunt with teams of up to 4 people attempting to complete as many of the designated checkpoints as possible and get back to home base inside of 60 minutes.

Checkpoints are a combination of downtown businesses and Fur Rondy events/exhibits. The past two years have been a sold out success with nearly 500 people “dashing” downtown to find the scavenger hunt checkpoints and complete a challenge or photo opp.

Get wild and crazy with it in the true spirit of Rondy! Costumes are encouraged! Prizes are awarded for the fastest team, best costume, and everyone who completes the scavenger hunt within the allotted time will be entered to win the grand prize.

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Address 101 E Fourth Ave.
Anchorage, AK 99501