Celebrating 20 Years of music! One of Alaska’s most popular jam bands, The Photonz, formed in 1997 at a Super Bowl party in Girdwood. They spent the next several years jamming throughout Alaska, bringing their trademark electric bluegrass to venues all over the state. They even launched a 74-stop tour of the United States before moving towards a more sporadic show lineup.

These days, The Photonz pop up when time and circumstances allow. Other commitments such as jobs and families, have kept them from touring full-time, but still they manage to appease local funk fans and reunite for the occasional show. Catch a rare appearance of The Photonz as they perform in their hometown of Girdwood at the Sitzmark Bar &Grill for the close of the ski season. Join us at the Sitzmark with band members Peter Townsend, Steve Norwood, Romero Begay, Tony Restivo, Benjamin Robinson, Benjamin Trocki for a three night set, to make the perfect wrap to the 2017-18 ski season.

Ladies free on Thursday!

Address 100 Olympic Mountain Loop
Girdwood, AK 99587 Local
(907) 754-1111
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