Flowmotion is a name well known in the Seattle live music scene and becoming increasingly familiar up and down the West Coast. The band has managed to remain in the “best-kept-secret” vault of the live music scene, all the while honing a live show that often exceeds the size of the stage they might find themselves performing on. A Flowmotion show is a swooping ride through the fingers of rock fueled solely on the expert musicianship of its five parts, producing a sound that’s unmistakably huge.

While Flowmotion always had a multi-genre attack hidden in its quiver, new guitarist RL Heyer’s skill set allows the band to transition from downright booty shaking funk to fist-pumping rock before the packed dance floor knows what hit them. Members include Josh Clauson on Vocals/Guitar, Scott Goodwin on Drums/Vox, Bob Rees on Percussion, Sabu Miyata on the Bass, Zach Stewart on Guitar and Eric Robert on the keys. 

Open to patrons age 21 and older.

Website alyeskaresort.com/events/concerts/flowmotion
Address 100 Olympic Cir.
Girdwood, AK 99587
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