Ensemble Mik Nawooj

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Classical hip-hop, hip-hop opera, hip-hopera – whatever you want to call it, it sounds incredible. Oakland’s Ensemble Mik Nawooj, led by composer/pianist JooWan Kim, subverts expectations with a multi-genre crew of flute, clarinet, violin, cello, drums, bass, an opera singer, and profound rhymes from mesmerizing MCs/lyricists Do D.A.T. and Sandman.
Combining classical techniques and method sampling, EMN creates awe-inspiring arrangements that have been called “the cutting edge of hip-hop” (Huffington Post). It’s a mashup of the oldest old-school and the marvelously modern, resulting in a kinetic energy of “textures swimming through the sound ... like the world’s fastest ping-pong game” (Pitchfork).

Immerse yourself in the beat and beauty of music that both breaks you open and makes you whole.

Content may not be appropriate for all ages.

Ticket sales start on August 19. Discounted rates available when purchasing a subscription.

Image courtesy of Ensemble Mik Nawooj.

Website anchorageconcerts.org/seasons/19-20-season/ensemble-mik-nawooj
Address 621 W Sixth Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501-2200 Local
(907) 263-2787
Email info@anchorageconcerts.org