Daily Talks

Catch a free Alaska presentation at the Alaska Public Lands Information Center. Wide ranging, informative and even surprising, the topics vary and span Alaska from end to end. Subjects change frequently, but fall into themes by day of the week.

Sunday: "Ranger Program," join a ranger for a talk on natural history to culture or history.

Monday: The ranger-led "No One Eats Like We Do," introduces subsistence living in Alaska, which is characterized as living off the land.

Tuesday: Marking the 75th anniversary of the Japanese invasion of Kiska and Attu, Alaska, "WWII in the Aleutians" puts a spotlight on the battles and actions that occurred in what is now the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.

Wednesday: Recognizing the 100th Anniversary of Denali National Park, the "Denali Days" programs center on one of our best known Alaska national parks.

Thursday: A creature from the Alaska Zoo visits the Alaska Public Lands Information Center for a furry or feathered program about animals from Alaska and similar climates.

Friday: A local scientist speaks about unique research, events and/or studies happening in Alaska, all over java during "Coffee with a Scientist."

Saturday: Bird TLC wings into the center with "Live Bird Demonstrations." An avian expert brings a bird for a close up look.

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