Comedy Hypnosis Show

It's real, come see it for yourself!

This is an interactive comedy Hypnosis show where members of the audience become stars of the show through the power of hypnosis. We've all heard the stories of people doing crazy things under hypnosis, of people doing super human feats, doing things you'd never imagine they'll do... Now, You can see it for yourself, all in one night!

Whether you want to experience it for yourself or see your friends do it, it'll be a night to remember! There are no plants in the audience. The whole show is built on the fact that we pull, at random, volunteers from the audience through a battery of hypnotic tests performed by the audience.

Once in a while we hold a public event and let you see the power of hypnosis live. We will open the mind's door to the human potential and see what we are capable of reaching! Of course, we'll also have tons of fun along the way and a hilarious time together.

This will be an adult's only show. All attendees have to be over 21 years of age and follow all bar rules.

Address 415 E St.
Anchorage, AK 99501-2308 Local
(907) 720-9909
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