Chase Christie & The Quick & Easy Boys

Chase Christie is an Alaskan-based singer with a Bay Area-based country band, The Whisky Richards, known as "The Champagne of Honky Tonk". The Whisky Richards have co-billed with bluegrass legend Peter Rowan and gained a local following of their own with their high-energy performances. 

The Quick & Easy boys are a Portland-based power trio who have toured throughout the Lower 48 for a decade, gaining a large and loyal fanbase. Their unique sound has been described as “Jimi Hendrix meets the Police.” The Quick & Easy Boys are: Casey Anderson on drums, Sean Badders on bass, and Jimmy Russell on lead guitar.

Chase Christie joins musical forces with the Quick and Easy Boys for a talent filled weekend of music at the Sitzmark! OPen to patrons 21 and older.

Address 100 Olympic Cir.
Girdwood, AK 99587
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