Big Fat Buddha

Big Fat Buddha found its way in 2010 in Anchorage, Alaska. As music scene veterans, the band attributes their longevity to energetic live shows and a dedicated fanbase- many of whom follow the bands performances statewide. Big Fat Buddha offers music in flavors that satisfy rock, funk, soul, and even bluegrass aficionados.
Dwelling on the funk rock vibe, singer/guitarist Matt Brenna, Bassist Brad Fidel, Drummer Matt “Slodo” Slodowy, and Percussionist Jeff Arms provide fans with hours-long live shows that leave crowds thoroughly satisfied and exhausted. Frequently touring throughout Alaska with occasional ventures to the Lower 48, the band’s tireless work ethic and relentless touring represent the finest in Alaska’s live music scene has to offer.

Address 100 Olympic Mountain Loop
Girdwood, AK 99587 Local
(907) 754-1111
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