Alaska Federation of Natives Annual Convention

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The largest meeting in Anchorage brings Alaskans from across the state together to discuss the issues and shape policy on a host of topics. It is the single biggest representative annual gathering in the country of Native peoples. The public is welcome and encouraged to observe.

More than 170 Alaska Native and Native American artisans from the "Lower 48" gather to showcase and sell their artwork during AFN. The Alaska Native Customary Art Fair is renown as one of the best places to find Alaska Native and Native American artwork.

Dance is also a well-known portion of the program. First introduced at the 1982 AFN Convention, Quyana Alaska was designed to restore traditional dances and ensure they would be passed on to the future generations. The cultural revival has certainly exploded across rural Alaska, and Quyana Alaska is now a treasured highlight of each convention.

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Address 600 W Seventh Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501-3433 Local
(907) 274-3611