The coronavirus pandemic means travelers to Anchorage can expect a new experience: More travel safety requirements, fewer crowds, more outdoor time, and fewer fairs and festivals, for starters. Here are a few of the big changes — as well as some of the local favorites that remain unchanged.

  1. New Arrival Requirements. Traveling from out of state? State and local requirements mean incoming travelers must observe several health and safety requirements, including filling out this travel declaration form, testing before travel, and avoiding close proximity to others. Find all the details here.  
  2. Plan Ahead. Some venues or attractions may have changed operating hours or require advance reservations or ticket purchases to ensure physical distancing, and communities throughout Alaska may choose to enact their own additional public health and safety measures. Be sure to call ahead to confirm, and know the local requirements before you go. 
  3. Mask Up. To protect public health and safety, the Municipality of Anchorage requires people wear masks in public communal spaces throughout the city — places like the airport, in local businesses, and in congested outdoor spaces like busy trails or city sidewalks. Pack a few in your bag, then look for stylish, comfortable, locally made options to pick up as souvenirs while you’re here.  
  4. A Stop at the Visitor Information Center. Our downtown Visitor Information Center is open for business Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. — now with a few extra health safety measures. Guests can meet with center staff, pick up brochures and other travel information, and plan the adventure of a lifetime, all while staying outside and at a safe distance.  
  5. Space to Stretch Out. Alaska makes it easy to practice social distancing, and Anchorage businesses and visitor attractions are now giving guests even more space to stretch out. Many companies are operating with reduced capacity, tables are placed farther apart, and guests are asked to give their neighbors plenty of breathing room. Observe and respect posted signage, and look for new outdoor dining options, pedestrian-only zones downtown, and a wide variety of new outdoor events like drive-in concerts and comedy shows, yoga and dance classes, windowfront art exhibits, and more. 
  6. Citywide Sanitization. From outdoor gear shops to restaurants, Anchorage businesses of all types now offer ways for guests to stay healthy and safe. Take advantage of the complimentary hand sanitizer found at the entrance to many local businesses — it’s an easy way to help protect staff, fellow shoppers, and the entire Anchorage community.  
  7. Perfect Parks and Trails. Select indoor attractions may be closed for the season, but Anchorage’s fabulous parks and trails remain open and accessible for residents and visitors alike. Celebrate the 50th birthday of Chugach State Park with a hike on a secluded mountain trail, rent a bike and ride the Moose Loop around Anchorage, or order takeout from a local restaurant and enjoy a picnic at a spacious local beach.   
  8. Pack Patience. Change is a constant part of this pandemic. As Alaskans and visitors alike navigate a river of new practices and procedures, remember that an extra measure of patience and kindness can go a long way.