On July 15, photographer Dave Parkhurst of Alaska Naturally, Inc. will proudly debut the newly upgraded high-definition Blu-ray version of The AurorA Show (aka: ‘AurorA – Alaska’s Great Northern Lights’) for the remaining 2016 season and future seasons. Travel industry business owners, all their employees and media are invited to attend ‘AurorA’ for any show, at any time, free of charge. Just present any type of company ID at the lobby ticket office to be comped in. The recent upgrades include the best auroral displays from the last five winters, (the AurorA Show now covering 35 years of the rarest aurora) with new scientific and satellite imagery for the narrated science introduction. With the 2016 season, Dave celebrates more than 36 years photographing the magic of our beautiful state, 17 of those summer seasons presenting ‘AurorA’ at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts. It continues to be an honor to share with our world-wide visitors and locals alike the rare and outstanding celestial light shows that grace the autumn, winter and springtime heavens across Alaska. In Alaska – truly – the sky’s the limit! Please come by at your convenience and enjoy a stress-free hour! Open every day through Sept. 1. Shows at the top of the hour - 9 a.m. through 9 p.m. at the Sydney Laurence Theatre in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, 621 West 6th Avenue Entrance (For General Admission Rates/Group Rates) Lobby Ticket Office – (907) 263-2993 Dave Parkhurst Alaska Naturally, Inc.® P.O. Box 140109 Anchorage, Alaska 99514-0109 Phone: (907) 333-1506 Email: auroracollection@alaskan.com web: www.TheAlaskaCollection.com