All ten Princess Cruises dome rail cars are slated to be refurbished over the next three years. Two cars will be completed in time for the 2016 season, with another four cars finished per year in 2017 and 2018 respectively. The rail cars will have a whole new look in the domes and dining rooms. Award-winning designer Robert Cipollone, of Seattle based Cipollone Creative, has developed a beautiful new color palette for the interior design of the cars, which will incorporate natural colors inspired by Alaska landscapes.

“The entire design brings nature into the cars, which we believe will appeal to the guests and bring more of a 'Direct to Wilderness' feel to the rail experience,” said Kathleen Ashton, General Manager of the Rail Division. The booth seating in the dome will be updated with forward facing seats and tray tables (each car will still have one to three tables to help accommodate families and groups traveling together). The forward facing seats are more comfortable and will be a noticeable improvement to guests, as many passengers are on the rail traveling between Whittier and Denali. The soft finishes and lighting throughout the car are also being updated. The dining rooms will feature recovered seats, new table tops and wall coverings, as well as complimentary art work. New carpet was designed specifically for the rail cars featuring a unique design that will help bring nature inside, and highlight the rugged landscapes of Southcentral and Interior Alaska. The custom carpet will be installed throughout the car, which will tie the entire project together.

“This very exciting project is a big undertaking, which is why it will take three years to complete all ten Princess cars,” said Ashton. She and her team are excited to have our guests see the grandeur of Alaska while traveling in newly remodeled train cars that offer elevated comfort and style. The transformation has already begun on the first two rail cars: Hunter and Sanford. The booth seating is already gone, the plaid is out and the bar is being relocated.