Katmai Lodge is an all-inclusive fishing lodge located 300 miles southwest of Anchorage in the Bristol Bay drainage. Located on the Alagnak River, a premier watershed for all 5 species of salmon and native fish.

Hiring for: Fishing Guides

Fishing guides will provide services at the Katmai Lodge and during all Katmai sponsored off-site activities, including and not limited to fly-outs, charters and other nature type viewing excursions and as such shall at all times remain an employee of Katmai Lodge. For this role, you will be expected to have experience and knowledge in the following general areas:

Adherence to all appropriate licenses/certificates and regulations required:

• A Sport Fishing Guide Registration issued by ADF&G.
• Current Alaska Sport Fish License, tags, and permits
• A current USCG Operator’s license
• DOT Drug Free Requirements / Testing
• CPR and First Aid Certification
• Fish Harvest
• Bookkeeping
• Food handler card issued by State of Alaska DEC: https://dec.alaska.gov/eh/fss/food-worker-card/

Customer Service and Job Skills:

• Maturity—ability to handle yourself in tough situations and the ability to deal with all types of fishermen, from novice to experienced.
• Dependability—show up with clean and professional appearance, prepared for each trip; clean-up at the end of the day.
• Angling Expertise—complete familiarity with each fish type and the latest angling techniques. A passion for fishing that will rub off on clients. Ability to locate and catch fish in adverse and changing conditions.
• Safety—complete knowledge of surroundings and dangers associated with weather and local wildlife. Keeping clients safe is your number one priority.
• Boating skills—ability to operate safely and maintain boats at peak performance
• Outdoor Cooking—ability to prepare a delicious lunch for your clients. Maintain drug/marijuana free for the entire season, as well as 30 days prior to your arrival. You will be subject to random drug tests throughout the season.

Starting pay: $3000-$4000/mo depending on experience.

To apply, please send your resume to: info@katmai.com

Application open from: 06/24/2023 to 08/31/2023