Great Alaskan Holidays, Alaska’s largest RV rental, sales and service business headquartered in Anchorage, has just been awarded the Outstanding Safety Performance Award from Republic Indemnity.

Republic Indemnity’s Outstanding Safety Performance Award is based on a recipient’s ability to demonstrate and display excellence in safety performance in an injury-free work environment for an entire year running. Delivering on exceptional safety techniques and practices, Great Alaskan Holidays has now been elevated to a ‘Superior’ rating by Republic Indemnity, with an accident-free, claims-free zero loss ratio for all of 2017. This Superior rating is achieved by only few organizations in the state of Alaska.

“On a consistent, hourly basis, Great Alaskan Holidays places the safety and well-being of its employees as the highest of priorities,” says Matt Miller, the firm’s Senior Vice President of Operations. “As much as our customers expect and receive a great experience with Great Alaskan Holidays, our employees deserve a safe work environment to report to everyday. This is something we are extremely proud of here.”