Great Alaskan Holidays, Alaska’s largest RV rental, sales, and service business, has just announced the hiring of several new key personnel to their already growing staff, and the promotions of two current and valued team members.         

Tommy Weitzel has been with Great Alaskan Holidays for over 7 years and was recently promoted to retail service manager.  Michael Haggerty has five years of industry experience and was promoted to parts manager.

Lifelong Alaskan Steve Brawn has joined Great Alaskan Holidays as their newest RV sales consultant.  RV Technician Leroy (LJ) Johnson brings over 15 years of related experience to the organization. Malinda Ezell has two years of seasonal experience with Great Alaskan Holidays and has been hired as the company’s full-time service writer.  

“Great Alaskan Holidays is delighted to have these talented individuals as members of our increasingly strong and skilled team”, says Bob Johnson, the firm’s Director of Marketing.  “Our company consistently remains an attractive place to work, fostering a strong team environment, while offering opportunity and job enrichment to all of our valued employees.  These five recognized employees contribute greatly towards our number one priority, which is total customer satisfaction, and we look forward to their continued success with our organization”.       

Great Alaskan Holidays is located at 9800 Old Seward Highway in Anchorage and specializes in RV rental, sales, and service.  For more information, visit