Visit Anchorage has shifted the schedule for the next Anchorage visitor guide as a result of reductions to the state’s tourism marketing program.

A dramatic decrease to the state’s tourism marketing budget means the state will not print a 2017 Alaska Vacation Planner, and proven marketing efforts to generate the names and addresses of likely Alaska travelers have been significantly reduced.

Visit Anchorage normally purchases the names of the most qualified Alaska travelers from the state program, then sends an Anchorage visitor guide to the inquirers most likely to travel.

The reductions mean there are very few names Visit Anchorage can acquire from the state through the fiscal year ending June 2017.

Current estimates suggest there are enough Anchorage guides already printed to meet demand until early summer 2017.

If that projection holds, advertising information for a new guide will be available this fall, with a new guide printed in time for summer 2017 and used through 2018. Visit Anchorage will adjust that timeline to ensure fulfillment of all likely traveler requests. All copies of the current guide will be used before a new one is printed.

Expect a rate card this fall to review the options, update your print listing and purchase advertising and enhanced listings in the Anchorage Visitor Guide. Details on other advertising opportunities, including the 2017 Restaurant Guide, advertising inside the Visitor Information Centers and web advertising will come this fall as well. For more information, contact your member representative today.