Michael DeYoung

Adventure & Eco Tours

Tap into your sense of adventure while discovering unspoiled territory with experienced naturalist guides in the wilderness areas surrounding Anchorage.

Maybe the realization hits you as you trek across a glacier, or maybe it washes over you as you kayak the lake. Perhaps it only becomes clear as you as you return to the cabin: You’ve spent days in Alaska, but the only thing you will take with you are memories, and the only thing you’ll leave behind are footprints in the snow and on the beach.

Alaskans’ deep understanding of their surroundings is married with a respect for them, and the desire to protect those special places for years to come. This respect for surroundings isn’t something new; a deep knowledge, appreciation and understanding of surroundings have been a critical part of life in Alaska for thousands of years.

Climbing glaciers, rafting rivers, walking the trails or heading out in search of wildlife; even if it isn’t the primary focus of the trip, environmental stewardship is at the core of many these experiences. After all, a healthy environment is part of a sustainable business plan.

Responsible guides immerse guests in Alaska’s natural wonders and pristine environs, while sharing their love of the state’s wildlife, geology and lifestyle. In the span of the day, you can hike through a temperate rainforest, be taught the traditional uses of native plants and learn the best way to prepare a campsite so as not to leave a trace when it's time to leave.

Wilderness settings are part of what makes a stay in Alaska so memorable. From the choice of soap to alternative sources for electricity, Alaska ingenuity meshes perfectly with responsible practices at lodges and other accommodations.

Harnessing a nearby stream or the winds may be the only way to power a site far from the power grid. Picking the right laundry detergent and reusing grey water can help ensure marine life stays healthy and vibrant.

But having a lasting and special connection to Alaska doesn’t necessarily mean roughing it. Responsible and inventive uses of resources can mean an even closer connection to Alaska, and special moments you’ll remember for the rest of your life.