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Anchorage Filming Locations

For diversity, versatility and experience look no further than Anchorage, Alaska. From dense pine forests and rugged cliffs, to modern office buildings and cozy neighborhoods we can accommodate your Alaska film location needs. With so many options, the hardest part may be choosing just one.

From cityscapes to raw wilderness, sea to summit, multilane highways to rutted jeep trails, Anchorage is a natural base for filming Alaska scenes. Whether you need gleaming, modern architecture or traditional native dwellings, vintage cars and planes, a small town main street, a farm, or gold mine, our incredible range of locations can help you fully realize your creative vision.

Location is everything. A 10 minute drive east and you reach wilderness and mountains that can stand in for many locations around the world. Looking for flat land with low brush? That’s about 30 minutes north. Need a 1950’s neighborhood with narrow streets and sidewalks? Downtown Anchorage has one of those too. Our long summer days allow more work to be done in a shorter period of time. If you’re looking for snow and ice, the winters can provide and the moderate temperatures will be a welcome surprise.

Take a look, you may be surprised by all that Anchorage has to offer.

Anchorage's Diverse Film Locations include:

  • Boats from kayaks to cruise ships 
  • Gardens Lakes, waterfalls, ocean, rivers
  • Log homes & lodges
  • Mining towns & buildings 
  • Jails
  • Native villages 
  • Fishing communities 
  • Railroad Mountains 
  • Bush planes
  • Glaciers & icebergs 
  • Bridges Trails & trams 
  • Farms & barns 
  • Churches 
  • Port 
  • Haunted hotel 
  • Miles of trails 
  • Grass & gravel air strips 
  • Massive parks 
  • Log cabins 
  • Winter wonderland 
  • Midnight sun 
  • City parks 
  • Ski areas