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Made in Alaska Gifts and Souvenirs

Discovering local artists and locally made goods can be fun when looking for that special reminder of your trip to Alaska.

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Alaska artists display their hand-crafted items at the Anchorage Museum.
Alaska artists display their hand-crafted items at the Anchorage Museum. ©Visit Anchorage/Cathryn Posey

The Anchorage marketplace is a treasure trove for finding interesting and authentic Alaska gifts and souvenirs. Browse art galleries, souvenir and gift stores, as well as craft shows and outdoor markets to find just the right piece to take home with you. Books by regional authors, gourmet edibles and wild-caught Alaska seafood shipped direct from the source make excellent gifts for the loved ones back home.

Unique Alaska products you can find in Anchorage:

  • Ulu Knife: Traditional Alaska Native tool and the state’s top selling souvenir.
  • Qiviut ("key-vee-ute"): The downy-soft underwool from the arctic musk ox is hand knit into luxurious and warm garments by Alaska Native women from remote coastal villages. Warmer than sheep’s wool and extraordinarily lightweight, the fiber is incredibly resilient and lasts for many years.
  • Birch baskets: Used by Alaska Natives for centuries, traditional birch-bark baskets are beautifully woven and functional.
  • Birch Bowls: Designed by nature and crafted by hand, burl bowls are hand-carved from spruce or birch trees.
  • Bear claw salad tongs: A handy and attractive kitchen tool.
  • Edible goodies: Sweet treats made from Alaska wild berries include jellies, chocolates and more. The bounty of the forest is served up in birch beer, syrup and candies, and seafood can be shipped right from the source.
  • Handmade soap: Artfully-wrapped, all -natural soaps for bath and body, gardeners’ hands and furry friends. Herbs, spices, pure essential oils and natural pigments are used for texture, color.
  • Alaska Native art: Woven birch baskets, hand-carved walrus ivory, whale bone shaman’s mask handmade dolls or a multitude of other pieces made by Alaska Native peoples.
  • Yummy Chummies: Healthy, natural dog treats made with wild Alaska salmon will help appease any guilt in leaving the pup behind while you vacation in Alaska. 

Look for some of these products to be featured on the big screen! More and more film production companies are choosing Alaska as their movie destination, and requesting authentic products made in Alaska to appear on screen.

Made in Alaska

The official Made in Alaskaseal assures a buyer that the goods they are purchasing are truly Alaskan. To earn the distinction, an article must be made in Alaska by a state resident or Alaskan company and, when possible, made with indigenous materials. Look for the mother bear and her cub logo on the merchandise itself, as well as signage at shops where Made in Alaska products are sold.

The Silver Hand Program is designed to identify authentic Alaska Native art and handicrafts produced within Alaska by Alaska Natives. The seal indicates that an article on which it appears is original artwork, and not a reproduction, and must include the words “Authentic Native Handicraft from Alaska.”