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Whether it's furry, feathered or finned, Anchorage is teeming with wildlife. Moose, bears, beluga whales, eagles and salmon all call Anchorage home. Spot them running wild, or head to the Alaska Zoo and Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center for an up-close look at our wild residents.

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Explore the largest variety of wildlife in the state at the Alaska Zoo.
Explore the largest variety of wildlife in the state at the Alaska Zoo. ©John Gomes/Alaska Zoo

Wildlife Articles

Grab a pair of binoculars and go WILD in Anchorage. Anchorage wildlife viewing is a year-round attraction, with guaranteed wildlife viewing at close proximity.
You aren't sure you saw it at first, that fleeting outline and a towering rack of antlers. A furry paw poking out, a fluke cutting through the water or a majestic wing soaring through the sky. ...
Get up close to the 1,000-foot high face of a brilliant blue glacier and listen to the thunderous roar as a huge wall of ice crashes into the waters below.
Journey deep into bear territory on an Alaska bear viewing tour to Kodiak Island or Katmai National Park. One-day fly-in adventures begin right in Anchorage.
Visitors looking for guaranteed and authentic bear viewing experience have some options while visiting Anchorage.
Surrounded by wilderness, Anchorage offers a world of opportunity for Alaska bird watching in an ecological setting. 
While nearly 300,000 people reside in Anchorage, the wild critter count is much higher, boasting thriving numbers of animals like fox, moose, bear, beaver, Dall sheep, eagle, a variety of salmon and...
Visitors looking for guaranteed, authentic and up-close Alaska wildlife viewing experiences have several choices in Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska.
Wild animals are everywhere in Anchorage. You never know what you might encounter during a hike in the mountains or a walk on paved trails.