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When you are exploring the great outdoors, don’t forget to spend time exploring the great indoors. The wide variety of products available in Anchorage means your suitcase should go home just a little, or a lot, heavier than when you arrive. You’ll find there is something for the most dedicated shopper, the one who’s just along to hold the purse and everyone who falls somewhere in between. No sales tax is an added benefit, and most of the local gift shops will ship purchases around the world.


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Fused-glass is just one of the many art forms on display in Anchorage shops.
Fused-glass is just one of the many art forms on display in Anchorage shops. ©Visit Anchorage/Cathryn Posey

Shopping Articles

Anchorage does Thanksgiving a little different.  While there is plenty of turkey with all the trimmings, it is also the right place for top-flight college hoops and holiday events that sparkle.
Discovering local artists and locally made goods can be fun when looking for that special reminder of your trip to Alaska.
You don’t have to leave Anchorage to witness the beauty and culture of Alaska, and you don’t have to spend a lifetime reading and visiting Alaska’s museums to intimately learn the state’s history.
Anchorage arts are taken seriously, as told by the countless events, bazaars and festivals where locally made crafts, works of art and Alaska Native works are sold abundantly.
Alaska’s extreme seasons, extended summer daylight and a short growing period produce wild and cultivated harvests, which are made into a variety of take-home goodies boxed and ready for travel.
Travel to Anchorage this winter and be part of an incredible, white and toasty warm holiday season. These are just a few of the festivities, which kick off Thanksgiving week in Anchorage.
Alaska bazaars are the perfect opportunity to pick up made in Alaska and Alaska Native made products.
Native-made arts and crafts are beautiful and distinctive reminders of a well-enjoyed trip to Alaska. Shop for handmade Native art sold in Anchorage galleries and at numerous annual events.