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Midnight Sun

Anchorage gets 22 hours of functional daylight on the longest day of summer. Good thing too; with all that hiking, golfing, biking, fishing you can make the most of every minute. Soak in sun at great events like the Solstice Festival and Hero Games, or watch the sun set (when it finally does) atop Flattop Mountain.

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Take a ride at Eklutna Lake for a pedal-powered journey with scenic views.
Take a ride at Eklutna Lake for a pedal-powered journey with scenic views. ©Michael DeYoung

Midnight Sun Articles

Preservationist John Muir would have discovered more than he could fathom in the forests that surround Anchorage, especially under the midnight sun. Discover wild places that feed the soul.
Scratch an early bedtime off your “to-do” list and prepare to wake up early! With Anchorage’s extended summer daylight hours outdoor enthusiasts pack in a lot of adventure, especially during summer...
Escaping urban existence is easy. A quick drive and a short hike will get you isolated and enveloped into the natural world. And it all goes down in Anchorage’s backyard.
The arctic phenomenon known as the Midnight Sun is what makes golfing in Anchorage truly distinctive. The Alaska golf season usually runs May through September and with the midnight sun, tee times...
On the longest day of the year – summer solstice – Anchorage, Alaska, gets 22 hours of functional daylight, and the city makes the most of all that sun. Alaskans gather for big celebrations, classic...