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Culture & Heritage

Anchorage draws from many lands, many languages and many peoples. The city is home to Alaska Native peoples drawn from across the state, and many residents have roots stretching around the globe. Anchored in a worldwide heritage, Alaska's most populous city defies easy description, but blends beautifully as one community.

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The Alaska Native Heritage Center showcases Alaska Native culture.
The Alaska Native Heritage Center showcases Alaska Native culture. ©Alaska Native Heritage Center

Culture & Heritage Articles

Know who you are. Accept what life brings. Share what you have. For millennia, values like these guided over 200 separate Alaska Native culture groups through some of the most extreme environments in...
Alaska Native people make up about 16 percent of Alaska's total population, including more than 200 rural communities separated by vast distances and unique geographical regions.
Cultural gatherings are a much-anticipated part of the Alaska Native culture and can be some of the best opportunities to interact with Alaska Native locals.
Timeless, indigenous, diverse, eclectic, provocative, original – the arts in Anchorage reflect the inspiration felt everywhere; in the environment, the people, the culture and scenic surroundings.
Sheer power, unreal flexibility and explosive jumping ability – all tied to the rich cultures of Alaska Native peoples – are on display as hundreds of youth gather in Anchorage for the annual NYO...
Only in Anchorage, Alaska can competitors square off in outhouse races, craft massive yet intricate snow sculptures, and dash to keep clear of reindeer Pamplona-style.
Quyana First Alaskans Institute Elders & Youth and Alaska Federation of Natives Delegates – Welcome to Anchorage. Welcome, ISDA, Tsin'aen Negha Nonhdaetl, Ninshyaa Ts'in'xunsuu, Paglagivsi,...
The differences between the salmon varieties, methods of preparation and best uses are often a mystery to visitors, and even residents.
Only with the aid of Alaska’s sparkling winter lights and long summer days can Anchorage host so many great festivals and events in just 365 days.
Anchorage is home to many museums and historical attractions that present Alaska’s fascinating blend of Russian, Native, gold rush and pioneer history from every imaginable angle.
Native-made arts and crafts are beautiful and distinctive reminders of a well-enjoyed trip to Alaska. Shop for handmade Native art sold in Anchorage galleries and at numerous annual events.