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Outdoor and eco-adventure choices are colossal in Anchorage! Try ice climbing or rock climbing, hiking, trail and mountain biking, alpine skiing, heli-skiing or snowcat skiing, snowmobiling, paragliding, whitewater rafting and more. Whether it's boosting big air or navigating your snowmachine over snowcapped glaciers, Anchorage has what it takes to get your adrenaline pumping and your spirit restored.

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Flightseeing above the expanses of an icy blue glacier.
Flightseeing above the expanses of an icy blue glacier. ©Alpine Air

Adventure Articles

The competition is steep, literally, for Alaska's mountain running events – a scenic, albeit challenging, way to explore Anchorage's wild backyard.
For visitors hoping to channel their inner sheep or Sherpas, there are as many climbing challenges around Anchorage as there are mountains.
Escaping urban existence is easy. A quick drive and a short hike will get you isolated and enveloped into the natural world. And it all goes down in Anchorage’s backyard.